Many efforts have been made using western scientific methods to understand the effects of acupuncture. This research has taught us that acupuncture initiates changes in circulation, blood chemistry, brain and/or neural function and more. Some significant research has been done to explain something about how acupuncture works and certainly a great deal more research will follow. However, although western science has provided several perspectives, the whole view of acupuncture’s remarkable effects is far from complete. In the mean time, appreciating the wisdom of this ancient system seems appropriate, and although the explanation offered by the tradition for acupuncture's usefulness is simple, it is also eloquent and illuminating. According to the Nei Jing (a text on acupuncture dating to the 1st century BCE)-  the outside of the body or skin surface connects to the inside of the body through a system of energy channels also known as meridians. The meridians circulate the vital energy or qi of the body. Therefore the meridians on the outside will often illustrate  problems or imbalances on the inside of the body that effect the organs and tissues. Needling these areas can restore the proper energy flow alleviating symptoms and reconciling the underlying imbalance.

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